Start-up or MNC: Where should you intern

A Defined roles, guided mentorship and brand value are some of the perks of working with a big brand say Sarvesh Agarwal, founder, Internsha
04 Sep 2018, 05:15 AM IST

Vice Chancellor of SRM University, AP, represents India at Rockefeller Foundation meet

SRM University AP, Amaravati, participated in the 4day working conference Architecting the Future Global University
04 Sep 2018, 05:12 AM IST

Inspiring students to discover new opportunities

Started with a mission of providing a positive, professional and conductive learning environment where all students are inspired to achieve
04 Sep 2018, 05:05 AM IST

A treat for fresh talents

The freshers party was held on Saturday in the city In its history of over 26 years, with pioneering and innovative performance in creative
04 Sep 2018, 05:02 AM IST

Science is common sense applied towards the betterment of man

The first science exhibition of Delhi Public School Nadergul was inaugurated by Chairman M Komaraiah, along with Principal Jyothi Turaga, He
04 Sep 2018, 04:57 AM IST