NRI businessman dies after falling off from hotel Taj Mansingh's terrace in delhi

A 48yearold NRI businessman died after he accidentally fell from the terrace of Taj Mansingh hotel in Lutyens Delhi, police said Friday
10 Nov 2018, 01:06 PM IST

Congress Promises Farm Loan Waiver, Liquor Ban In Chhattisgarh Manifesto

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Friday released the partys manifesto for Chhattisgarh which promises farm loan waiver, minimum support price
10 Nov 2018, 01:05 PM IST

Supreme court order helps in cut down 33% air pollution in Bangalore

The order given by the Supreme Court on firecrackers, to cut down the air pollution levels in Bengaluru has seen a 33 dip this Diwali as com
10 Nov 2018, 12:57 PM IST

A Manipur student dies in Bengaluru, as manja slices his face

On Thursday in a Bengaluru hospital a 23yearold Deepak Singh Thokchom died, three weeks after a kite thread had sliced his face The glasscoa
10 Nov 2018, 12:32 PM IST

Opposition unity needs more effort to bring Mayawati on board

The Bharatiya Janata Partys BJP 41 defeat in the Karnataka byelections has further lengthened the list of the partys reverses in more than 2
10 Nov 2018, 12:23 PM IST