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Congress postscript to Revanth

The Congress seems to be writing the postscript on the Revanth Reddy episode. While resigning from TDP, Revanth announced that he was submitting his resignation for the State Assembly. Speculation was rife in political circles that the Speaker may no

22 Nov 2017, 03:33 AM IST
Governance capsizes
15 Nov 2017, 02:13 AM IST
TDP caught in a bind
11 Oct 2017, 01:57 AM IST
Telugus’ love for gold
04 Oct 2017, 01:46 AM IST

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In defence of myself

Last week, in these columns, I expressed my opinion on Prof Ilaiah's book that infuriated Vysyas. The article titled, Missing the Woods for the Trees, has, to the best of my abilit
27 Sep 2017, 01:00 AM IST

Missing the woods for the trees

Prof Kancha Ilaiah's booklet on Vysyas has sparked off a controversy across the two Telugu states. The forces of right reaction that Ilaiah wants to resist seem to be capitalising
20 Sep 2017, 02:04 AM IST

Characterising September 17

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has found in the run-up to the low-key September 17 celebrations a golden chance to corner the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government. The Stat
13 Sep 2017, 02:33 AM IST

No to Telugu states amiss

Notwithstanding the loud talk of performance criteria considered for cabinet reshuffle, the fact remains that, in Parliamentary democracy, ministry formation is certainly a politic
06 Sep 2017, 02:47 AM IST

Interpreting Nandyal verdict

The results of Nandyal bypoll triggered a fresh round of political rhetoric between the ruling Telugu Desam and the opposition YSR Congress. Quite characteristic of himself, the op
30 Aug 2017, 01:24 AM IST

Language in game of thrones

The Nandyal bypoll saw a verbal warfare with both sides indulging in unsparing attack on each other. Such a belligerent polemics are not uncommon, especially when the contest is na
23 Aug 2017, 01:14 AM IST

Political maths in throes of change

All it takes for politicians of every hue in Andhra Pradesh to get into gull electoral mode is just one by-election. That is the conclusion that can be surmised if one goes by the
16 Aug 2017, 02:21 AM IST

KCR ko gussa kyun aaya?

Sudden change in the tone of Telangana Chief Minister fuels speculation over the relations between the saffron and the pink parties. It’s true that Telangana has voiced concerns
09 Aug 2017, 04:04 AM IST

The uncharitable allies

The strategic silence between BJP and TRS is broken as the Presidential elections concluded. The two parties are now back to business in polemics. The party strongman, Ram Madhav,
26 Jul 2017, 03:54 AM IST

Between rock and hard place

Andhra Pradesh is once again witnessing renewed movement for prohibition. However, the fresh round of agitation is not as spontaneous as the anti-arrack stir witnessed in the unite
19 Jul 2017, 04:17 AM IST

Yatra, yatri and politics

Y S Jaganmohan Reddy’s formal announcement that he would commence his walkathon later this year has jazzed up the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh and has even exacerbated t
12 Jul 2017, 04:02 AM IST

The shifting sands in Nandyal

Normally, by-elections that too at a time when the ruling party is in a completely comfortable position should not be a cause of any political anxiety. But, the Nandyalby-elections
05 Jul 2017, 05:34 AM IST

Strange political chemistry

It is not for nothing that the saying ‘Politics makes for strange bedfellows’ is among the most used ones. Its significance is being witnessed in the two Telugu-speaking States
28 Jun 2017, 04:12 AM IST

TDP sinking under own weight?

Even as the Chandrababu Naidu government is yet to encounter any serious anti-incumbency barring sporadic discontent, the internal bickerings within the party seem to be causing gr
21 Jun 2017, 04:07 AM IST

Mellifluous message

It is rather ironical that for one who was revered in the literary world for his qualitative and prolific output, Cingireddy Narayana Reddy (Cinare) became a household name more be
14 Jun 2017, 04:29 AM IST

Can Rahul revive Congress fortunes?

Congress chose to rally the people on an issue which is so sentimentally dear to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Perhaps, there cannot be any other better issue than special status f
07 Jun 2017, 03:31 AM IST