Call for peaceful stir

  Aug 11,2013 , 08:26 AM IST

Lok Satta, FDR organise round-table on issues of bifurcation 


Hyderabad: A round-table ‘AP – state  bifurcation- problems and challenges,’  attended by retired bureaucrats,  academicians, social activists and  Telangana,  Rayalaseema and united Andhra protagonists, on Saturday appealed to the people in Seemandhra districts to maintain peace so that students would not have to lose academic year in the ongoing  united Andhra struggle after the Congress led UPA endorsed the creation of Telangana .

The marathon meeting, conducted jointly by Foundation for  Democratic Reforms (FDR) and Lok Satta,  adopted five resolutions: Appealing to Seemandhrha people to hold peaceful agitations only;  urging government employees to call off their stir against bifurcation; demanding that govt address the issues raised by people of three regions;  constitution of a government committee in place of Antony Committee; and taking a final decision on state bifurcation only after eliciting the views of people from all areas in the state.

Senior leader and former MLA Ch Rajeshwara Rao said that the present volatile situation would have been avoided if  the Centre had taken the decision  on bifurcation of state in accordance with the Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of  State  Policy enshrined in the Constitution. Lack of scientific approach to dealing with such sensitive issues and the exploitation of the issue by political parities complicated the process further, he said.  Stressing the  need to create awareness among people on the present situation prevalent in the two regions,  he said it was unfortunate that some  political parties were creating  problems for  electoral benefits.

Lok Satta Party national President Jayaprakash Narayana  warned that violence would erupt in the State if the bifurcation of state was done for selfish needs. State should not be carved out for political and administrative convenience. The purpose of smaller states would be served only when the administrative powers are decentralised and  economic situation improved. He stressed the need for the governments of the new States to ensure transparency in administration and curb corruption. 

Stating that there was no clarity on the status of  Hyderabad and joint capital, former Union Home Secretary K Padmanabhaiah found fault with the Congress proposal to continue Hyderabad as the common capital as there was no such evidences in the history of the country.  He advised  that Hyderabad be made as Union  Territory (UT)  for 10 years and then convert it into Telangana state capital after the issues raised by Seemandhra employees and people were addressed. 

Terming the claims made by the Seemandhra leaders that  Hyderabad was developed by their efforts as ‘foolish’, he said the rights of individuals should be protected. He wanted law and order to be maintained effectively to prevent the anticipated unrest among people in the two states. 

 Former High Court Chief Justice A Laxman Rao said  water sharing, power and employment issues between two states should be solved before deciding upon the bifurcation. The demand for separate Rayalaseema state also needs to be addressed in the wake of the present situation.

Senior Journalist  P Venkateswara Rao said the non- Telangana employees working in Hyderabad should be given option to continue their services in the city depending on their seniority . Strongly supporting Rayalaseema state,  he said as the people were in a frenzy mood, the status of Hyderabad city should be resolved through public opinion. Security in the state capital should be strengthened in view of widening rift between the two region people. 

The Hans India and HMTV Editor –in- Chief  K Ramachandra Murthy said that had the Centre constituted second SRC as promised in 2004 election, the bifurcation of state would not have been complicated now. In the wake of increasing demand and respecting the sentiments of people, the state should be divided into three states and Hyderabad should be remained as part of Telangana state. 

Forum for Good Governance Secretary M Padmanabha Reddy said that before introducing T bill in Parliament, people should be consulted again and their apprehensions allayed on different issues raised by people in all regions. He said the new capital city of  the Seemandhra state would be developed by only creating infrastructure , political stability and peace. 

Professor K Ilaiah said the bifurcation of State should be seen as a national issue before arriving at a solution. In view of cultural variations in three regions, the division of the State assumed great significance. Tussle between two regions over the  status of Hyderabad was the creation of Seemandhra capitalists and Telangana land lords, he added.  

Senior  journalist Telkapalli Ravi said political cauldron would continue until the political parties stuck to their stand. To develop the backward and tribal areas,  he demanded that the governments prepare separate plans for rural development. 
Former Law Secretary K Satyanarayana Murthy said , since employees are homogenous group, their grievances should be redressed according to rules and guidelines in the two states. 

 Former IT Adviser  T Hanuman Chowdhary,  social activists Mazar Hussain,  Chalasani Srinivas,  Rayalaseema JAC leaders K Chiranjeevi and Dasharadha Rami Reddy,  and farmers’  association leaders P Chengal Reddy and others were also present.