Resolution for widening Uppal X Roads passed

  Sep 06,2013 , 12:57 PM IST

The 6th ordinary meeting of the standing committee was held on September 5 at the GHMC head office complex. The meeting was presided by Mohammed Majid Hussain, Mayor.  The standing committee consists of 15 members out of which eight members belong to the Congress Party and the rest belong to the MIM party. The commission meets every Thursday and discusses various civic issues persistent in their respective circles. They are then put forth to the mayor for approval. In the meeting, that was held on Thursday, there were a total of 20 resolutions put before the mayor out of which 10 have been approved.
One of the most important resolutions which was granted by the mayor was the road widening of the Uppal X Roads.  The road from Uppal X Roads to Nalla Cheruvu will be widened to a width of 150 feet. All the shops and small establishments that might go down in due process will be paid compensations. The compensation will be 20% excess of the market value (i.e. Rs 25,000 per square yard).
Another resolution that was approved was the payment of Rs 19 lakh approx, to the State Bank of Hyderabad. This money was paid towards the Road Accidental Policy (Personal Accidental Insurance Policy) of the 18,890 workers who are currently employed under the GHMC. Earlier their insurance claim was only Rs 2 lakh in case of any accident. It has now been hiked to Rs 4 lakh. This comes as good news to all the employees as they work during the nights and road accidents are most abundant at that point of time. 
They have also approved to grant 200 square yards land adjacent to Chacha Nehru Park to  APCPDCL. This land, until previously, was being used as a garbage transfer station. Now, the APCPDCL will build an indoor substation to cater to the vicinity’s power needs. 
They have also rejected a few of the resolutions that were put forth by the members. One of the rejected resolutions was in regard with the change of locality name.  The members had requested a change of T Anjaiah Nagar in Moosapet Village to Sri Dheeraj Lal Kapadia Nagar. The committee rejected this request as T Anjaiah was a former chief minister of AP and the residential area was named after him.  

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