Pawan Kalyan's third marriage: Samantha comments

Gossip Girl |   Jan 08,2014 , 03:42 PM IST

Who's controversy's favourite child? Shashi Tharoor? Yes, he was at one point in time. Now, he has tough competition. However, not from his own field as every politician does a foot-in-mouth these days. 
The person who's been in the news for her controversial statements is none other than actress Samantha.
It all started with a simple tweet which Sam wrote on her page. She was expressing her displeasure over a poster from Mahesh Babu's much-awaited film 1 Nenokkadine. She said the poster was regressive and showed disrespect to women.
However, both the lead roles from 1 Nenokkadine-Mahesh and Kriti said that was a creative choice and audience would understand the scene once they saw the entire song in the film.
Pawan Kalyan's third marriage: Samantha comments
While this controversy finally died down, Samantha got into another controversy. And this team, she targeted none other than the most popular hero of Tollywood- Pawan Kalyan.
Apparently, she made some comments on Pawan's third marriage something to the effect that male stars were marrying celebrities as fashion and that they have to exercising caution. This has sparked another debate and the actress has drawn flak for posing her nose into people's personal lives.
Interestingly, Samantha has played leading lady for both Mahesh and Pawan. Sam was seen in Mahesh's Dookudu while she was paired opposite Pawan Kalyan in his last outing Atharintiki Daredhi which became a blockbuster hit and broke all film records.
One wonders why Samantha is doing this. At this rate, she will have to deal with a big enemy camp.

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