He invents shoes that enable visually challenged to avoid hurdles

Visakhapatnam:  It will soon be a free and happy walk for the visually challenged who can walk with more ease and comfort and feel the road ahead with an young innovator’s concept of inventing shoe with a unique mechanism, by which they need not use the stick. 


Krishna Sai Inkoolu, a final -year industrial engineering student of Gitam University, invented a shoe with a unique mechanism , with an embedded electronic circuit that senses obstacles in the path, to serve the visually challenged. It  comes at an affordable price. “The shoe, with electronic circuit, will help the visually impaired walk by sensing obstacles ranging up to three metres away”, he said.  

Krishna Sai Inkoolu is invited by FICCI for ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ meet

Sai, who worked for two years on the project, explained ‘the sensor that is part of the embedded circuit in the shoe triggers an electrical signal routed to a small motor, taps on the arch of the shoe whenever there is an object in front of the person’. 


‘There is also no need to charge or change batteries, as the shoe gets recharged automatically when the person starts walking’.  The design is such that it would not be damaged by water. It will not be affected by water falling on the circuit. He conducted research on ‘Agriculture and man-made eco system’ in his eighth standard.  


He designed his own escalator. It was a rare achievement for Sai, a DAV Public school product. He was one among the top five product designers noted by IIT-Kharkapur. How he thought of the shoe?. Sai said the idea occurred during his first year engineering study. ` I observed the visually challenged people near my college when I was working on a project’.  With the help of  Technical Assistant (ECE) GITAM Prof T Swaroop, he was able to get the project implemented. He was supported by orthopedic  Dr Gundeswara Sai. 


Sai, who invented the shoe two years back, was one among the 70 innovators when FICCI  selected potential innovators. Applying for the competition three months back, he was one among the top listed 100 people. He left for Gujarat to attend the Global Summit-Vibrant Gujarat where he will submit the project.


By:Muttevi Sri Lakshmi