The outbreak of swine flu in neighbouring districts of Vijayawada has induced fear among the public in the city. They are busy finding numerous ways to combat the H1N1 virus which may prove fatal if it is not diagnosed in the early stages or proper treatment is not administered.

Swine flu cases have been reported in West Godavari, Guntur and Visakhapatnam districts. One person has died so far in Prakasam district after contracting the deadly virus.A majority of people are opting for Homeopathy medicines to Allopathy drugs as they are of the view that the first two systems of medicines are more effective in combating swine flu.

According to a homeopathic doctor, people are scared of swine flu as it claimed a number of lives in Telangana State. “The homeopathic medicine for swine flu costs Rs 150 per person depending on the clinic they choose.

The course usually runs for seven days with a dose of four sweetened medicine balls to be taken a day.  This medicine is more effective in preventing the H1N1 virus attack. But it is always advisable for everyone to consume healthy food and clean water to keep swine flu at bay,” he said.

Meanwhile, hospitals and NGOs have started organising seminars on swine flu to create awareness about Swine Flu’s symptoms, precautions and treatment. Many homeopathic stores in the city have put up boards in front of their outlets promoting the availability of the medicines related to the virus.

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Gopinaik said, “We are organising swine flu awareness rallies in various parts of the city. Medical camps are also being conducted at Primary Health Centres and vulnerable places. We are taking all measures to prevent the outbreak of swine flu in the city by promoting awareness among people about H1N1 virus.”