Why people remember monday and friday

IANS |   Aug 22,2015 , 02:22 AM IST

London: Do you ever wonder why Mondays and Fridays are the days you remember the most while dull mid-week days carry less meaning, making them more easily confused with one another? This is because Mondays for you means “boring”, “hectic” and “tired” and Fridays are associated with positive words like “party”, “freedom” and “release”, researchers have revealed. 

“Mondays really do make us blue, Fridays are the happiest day of the working week and “dull” mid-week days are easily muddled up said psychologists from the universities of Lincoln, York and Hertfordshire. The seven-day weekly cycle is repeated for all of us from birth and we believe this results in each day of the week acquiring its own character. 

“Indeed, more than a third of participants reported that the current day felt like a different day and most of those feelings were on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, reflecting the midweek dip in associations attached to different days,” explained lead researcher Dr David Ellis from the University of Lincoln.