Hyderabad Book Fair 2015 ends on a grand note

The recently concluded Hyderabad Book Fair 2015 was indeed a spectacle. It hosted a lot of beautifully decorated stalls full of various kinds of books. Some popular writers who were present at the stalls had fans surrounding them. Books on all genres were lined up at the fair. 

For example, ‘Ebalak’ is a multimedia magazine that provides children with an opportunity to have fun while they learn. They had put up a stall, which contains their wonderful illustrated and animated stories that capture the imagination of the young reader. It features information on basic skills in subjects like geography, history, math, language and yoga too. 

Another stall that attracted a crowd was by Osho Mevlana, who was born as Chandra Mohan Jain, and is also known as Acharya Rajneesh. The Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher who garnered an international following wrote books such as ‘Books I have Loved’, ‘A Bird on the Wing’, ‘From Darkness to Light’, ‘The Inner Journey’ and many more. 

Palapitta Books also set up a stall, which are a monthly edition written by different authors. Some of the books displayed include ‘Tere Naam Ek Sahara?!’ by Naresh, ‘Obama - the inspirational success story by Gudipati’, ‘King of Pop – Michael Jackson’ by Kasturi Murali Krishna, and other poetry books, interviews of famous personalities and others.

Book lovers who can’t seem to find hard copies of their books could also visit Inkreaders online solutions. This is an online store for books, magazines, newspapers and journals for all age groups, available on their website. 

Other stalls setup at the Book Fair were by Navodaya Publications, Vedamandir Prashanth from Bangalore, Phule – Ambedkar Rachanalu, Digital media from Coimbatore, Harper Collins Publishers, NadusthunaTelangana, Chalam Collected Works and many more. 

By:Susanna Grace