Walkers cry for walking paths

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 11:45 PM IST

Women seen walking in Gowthami Ghat, Rajamahendravaram
Women seen walking in Gowthami Ghat, Rajamahendravaram

The city has seen an increase in the number of morning and evening walkers in the recent past. People of 15 years of age till 80 are enthusiastically found walking for good health.

Rajamahendravaram lacks walking tracks for these walkers. There are nearly nine walkers’ associations in this city and over 2000 people are members of these associations.

Walking tracks are available only in Gandhi Park at Danavaipeta and Kambala Park as against the 30 parks of the city.  Due to the lack of a provision for walkers, they are using AVA road, Jawaharlal Nehru

road, Lalachervu road, Kotilingala Ghat, Saraswathi Ghat, Godavari bund, Tilak road, Somalamma temple road, Venkateswara Nagar, government college grounds etc.

M Rammohan Rao (70), a regular walker, said that there are no sufficient walking tracks in the city and the aged are forced to walk on the roads. Footpaths on these roads are also being encroached. The municipal corporation should arrange walking tracks in all the parks along with drinking water facilities.

The Municipal Corporation is beautifying the 200 feet road with land scaping between Y Junction to Lalacheru without providing a walking track. It will be better to arrange for a walking track along the road so we can walk without being on the way of traffic.

Gowthami Ghat Walkers Association president, Jetti Prasad Rao said that they have developed a 220 metre-long walking track in the ghat with their own funds and the corporation had not contributed even a single rupee for it.

The association is ready to maintain the ghat effectively, if the corporation provides security gates and also a drinking water unit. There is a need to arrange walking tracks in various places in the city, as the number of walkers are increasing, he added.

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