Passion for music

By Heena Mishra | THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 09,2017 , 11:58 PM IST

Passion for music
Passion for music

Ukraine-based Teri Miko is known the world over for her high energetic DJ sets. The well-known electronic producer was in Hyderabad recently for her onstage performance with hard-hitting Trap Beats infused with Electronic Sounds. Teri Miko is back with her latest banger, and that too on Spinnin’ Records. Compared to her previous hard-hitting trap heavy releases, “Wrath Of God” progresses at a mellower rhythm.

Her hit track, ‘KOLAVO’ and 'FUKUYO' have already received support from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tom Swoon, Stadium X, Tony Cha Cha, Will Sparks, The Zombie Kids and the ‘Kolavo’ has been added to Spinnin' Miami Night Mix 2017 compilation. She has recorded for Dyro's label and WOLV Records. Her tracks are getting huge support on all social mediums and from the live audience. She will be the first Indian female DJ to record for ‘Spinnin’ 
Excerpts from an interview'.

How did your EDM journey start? 
I started off long back in Ukraine as a hip-hop DJ playing at parties. But as you know there’s always an evolution. There’s evolution in music and we keep moving. So, this evolution meant a lot to me as I had to make hip-hop kind of music something which is on trend right now. I started working with electronic eight years back. I thought that if I want to make a difference I must create my own music. Then, I started creating my own tune. From 2014, I started playing and producing music.

Tell us about your latest banger?
I mostly tried major electronic music, it’s a unique project for me as it is not only a collaboration of three artists but also has united three countries India, US and South Korea in this. The cultures of all these countries are so rich and I have tried uniting them.

Do you think that ‘deejay world’ is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for a girl to become famous deejay?
They say that a girl cannot produce and make a music, which I think is not true. And, it is quite difficult to establish your music as a DJ in the industry because of all these stereotypes. I don’t consider myself as female DJ; I consider myself as musician and DJ because I work very hard to establish myself and define myself as a musician. I think I create unique music. 

What style of the genre do you mostly play to the audience?
Hyderabad people know what I play. I think I have my own fan following here. I play hip pop, chap-hop, and high energetic tracks that are the three main genres of mine. I was always very comfortable playing in Hyderabad.
Describe me your feelings when you play music?

Music is the main part of my life. If I hear the tracks very emotional I start crying and I can easily cry even in public. I am so emotional when it comes to music and that is why I became a DJ. I wanted to express myself on the stage through music because that is a different way of expressing who I am. 

What sets you apart from the music?
Apart from DJ and music, I think I would be a restaurant holder. I would open a restaurant I am a good chef. I think I might be one day. (Laugh)

Who is your inspiration?
It can be like so many things; many big artists and people which I admire. When we go to Indian Pooja it will have many combinations of sounds and mixture of songs which is very amazing and that inspires me a lot. 

How was your experience while sharing the stage with eminent artists? 
I had shared the stage with bass giants like Marshmello, Slander, Dyro, Quintino, Ghastly and more. At one concert I finished my track then Marshmello played after me. The experience was so good. Then after that, we started working together. I think it’s a very great opportunity for the upcoming artist to get connected with bigger musicians. You not only get the experience; you also enrich personal relationships. 

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