Inner Wheel Club Vijayawada observes Literacy Week

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 14,2018 , 10:03 PM IST

Inner Wheel Club chairperson V Sridevi addressing the club members at a meeting
Inner Wheel Club chairperson V Sridevi addressing the club members at a meeting

Vijayawada: To mark literacy week, a meeting was organised by Inner Wheel Club, Vijayawada on their office premises on Thursday.

The club chairperson, V Sridevi along with the club members discussed various programmes and activities taken up with the support of 26 clubs under six revenue districts. 

She said that under Teach programme, they had given training to 30 teachers. Digital classrooms were established at six schools and during the literacy week. They would establish digital classrooms at two more schools, she added.

She said that under the adult education programme, 76 women were taught writing and reading. Through National Institute of Open School (NIOS) they wrote exams and obtained certificates, she said.

Sridevi said that under child development programme, 142 children under 7 -14 years of age were given Rs 2,500 each for education, special needs, care and protection.

She said that 47 government schools were taken up under Happy Schools by them. They provided drinking water, washroom repairs, school building whitewash, library kit and playing kit.

The school children were given school bags, shoes, books besides teachers which pooled up the strength of the school, she added. 

She said that the motto behind it was to provide education to all. She informed that they had spent Rs 1 crore for the activities and thanked the donors for their valuable support.

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