Singer Pappu Sadasiva Sastry attempts record in reciting Annamacharya Keerthans

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 14,2018 , 10:10 PM IST

Pappu Sadasiva Sastry reciting Annamacharya keerthans
Pappu Sadasiva Sastry reciting Annamacharya keerthans

 Vijayawada: Capital-based devotional singer Pappu Sadasiva Sastry desires to enter his name in “Champions book of world records”.

Sastry prepared ground to sing Annamacharya keerthans for 24 hours nonstop from Thursday (11.30 am) to Friday (11.30 am) in a function hall.

Before commencing the nonstop concert Sadasiva Sastry said that this programme was planned to organise only to popularise the Annamacharya keerthans worldwide. He said about 400 Annamacharya krithis would be rendered during 24 hours.

Kopparapu Balarama Krishna Murthy and others were present in this programme.

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