50 nurseries damaged due to heavy rains
50 nurseries damaged due to heavy rains

Amalapuram : Farmers are suffering due to heavy rains since four days in konasema. 

At the beginning of Kharif, the nurseries were affected by rains and caused damages to the farmers. 

The kharif crop is grown in a one lakh acres in  konasema across 16 mandals. 

About 200 acres of nurseries are sown.  Over 90 per cent of farmers have completed their nurseries. 

The recent rains have damaged at least 50 percent of the coastal areas of allavaram, upalaguptam, katrinikona, mamidikuduru, malikipuram, sakinetipalli madals. 

Out of which 80 acres of nurseries have been left completely damaged.

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