Eye donation awareness fortnight at KGGH in Kakinada

THE HANS INDIA |   Aug 29,2018 , 01:41 AM IST

Counsellors of Badam Balakrishna Eye Bank and East Godavari District Blindness Eradication Society creating awareness to public on eye donation at the fortnight camp being organised at KGGH

Kakinada:  Eye donation (cornea) awareness camp is being organized at Kakinada Government General Hospital jointly by East Godavari District Blindness Eradication Society and  Badam Balakrishna Eye Bank from August 25 to September 8.

As part of this, the staff of the two organisations have been creating awareness among patients and visitors on eye (cornea) donation.

KGGH ambulance staff Govind, Srinivasa Rao, Babu Rao, Sarveswara Rao, Vankata Ramana, Dura Prasad and others pledged at the camp to donate their eyes.

The Badam Balakrishna Eye Bank chairman Dr S Chandrasekhar appealed to public to come forward to eye donations (after demise) as it helps in providing eye sight to someone else.

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