Music and dance festival comes to a colourful close

THE HANS INDIA |   Feb 15,2017 , 01:17 AM IST

The concluding day of the Amaravathi International Music and Dance festival saw many talented artists show off a plethora of Indian and western music forms along with many dance forms. It was a colourful evening for those who had attended the show.

On Monday the events started with the ‘Jalatarangini’ concert of Mangalampalli Suryadeepti. She played ‘Adigo alladigo Sri Hari Vasamu’ and ‘Kondalalo Nelakonna Konetirayudu’ a composition of Annamacharya. Suryadeepti was supported by VV Ramanamurthy on the mridangam, T Radhakrishna Murthy on ghatam and Ghantasala Satyanarayana on morsing.

The ripples of violin played by Dwaram brothers received Huge appreciation from the audience. Impressively they presented keerthanas like “Muddu Momu”, ‘Manasa Sancharare”, “Yendaro Mahanubhavulu”, ‘Paridana Michede’ and “Krishna Neve Baro.”

Jodharam Kumar’s team from West Bengal presented ‘Mahisasura mardhani’ and followed it by traditional tribal dances continuously performed for about 45 minutes with the support of shahnai and dolak instruments and won the amazement of the audience.

Subramaniam’s troupe conducted ‘Global Fusion pop music’, the mixture of Indian Classical and Westren, and commenced with the keerthana ‘Srimannarayana Saranam Prapadye’. The team presented    the music ragas based on Hindola and Kapi.

A rare orchestra from South Africa presented their colloquial classical music. The team came from Senegal and excellently performed the concert.
The day’s attraction was the dance feature of veteran film actress Hema Malini and her group. She presented a colourful Kuchipudi dance ballet “Mahalakshmi”. She used the technical support and made the ballet very attractive.  

The ballet depicts the incarnation of Mahalakshmi.  The scenes were composed in a gripping manner. The piece was excellently choreographed by Hemamalini and the music was composed by Mahendra Jain while vocal support by was renderd by Kavitha Krishnamurthy.

Ministers Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, Palle Raghunatha Reddy, Chief Minister’s Secretary Rajamouli, Principle Secretary N Srikanth, District Collector Babu, Joint Collector Gandham Chandrudu, director Mallikharjuna Rao and director Vijaya Bhaskar were present on the occasion. The artistes were felicitated by the Ministers.  

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