NRI buys health insurance for entire AP village

THE HANS INDIA |   Apr 15,2017 , 01:39 AM IST

(Insert): NRI Madhavi (Madu) Medi
(Insert): NRI Madhavi (Madu) Medi

Vijayawada:  The state government flagship health coverage project NTR Arogya Raksha has received a fillip with generous donations from the Telugu diaspora across the globe. 

In a first-of-its-kind development, Texas-based Non-Resident Telugu, Madhavi (Madu) Medi has triggered a noble initiative of sponsoring the annual insurance coverage for all the residents of Peddapulipaka village in Krishna district.

The village universal health insurance coverage scheme was launched at a function on Friday. In a press release here on Friday, Madhavi said that her father had a near-death encounter due to complications from a heart attack. 

“He had a remarkable recovery and I am grateful for the care and expertise of the doctors was equal to, or in some situations exceeded the standards of care in the USA. I wanted to be able to provide the same level of care to one and all in my village,” she added.

She mentioned that the health insurance system would assures to quality care of health to all and I believe buying health insurance for everyone is the easiest way to reach that goal. 

“Dr Ravikumar Vemuru the CEO of Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society (APNRT) discussed this idea which would encourage Telugus living abroad to purchase health insurance for all residents of their villages,” she added.  

Andhra Pradesh Non-resident Telugu Society (APNRT) Chief Executive Officer Dr Ravikumar Vemuru said that Peddapulipaka is set to be the first village in Andhra Pradesh and India to have 100% of its residents covered by a state-sponsored medical insurance scheme. 

“APNRT has targeted sustenance measures like basic food, water and access to basic health care as parameters to work towards. In western countries these measures are taken for granted and every citizen has access to them, but in India they are still wanting,” he added.

APNRT is a nodal agency of the state government that facilitates investments into Andhra Pradesh by working through a network of Telugu-origin entrepreneurs who are spread across the globe. It also works to serve all the NRTs and their needs and develop an accountable and efficient system to channelize generous donations from NRTs to develop various village amenities. 

AP government has recently introduced the prestigious NTR Arogya Raksha Scheme for all “Above the Poverty Line" (APL) families. The state government already provides insurance coverage for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families through the NTR Vaidya Seva Health Insurance scheme.

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