Land scam: BJP MLC Somu Veerraju urges for CBI probe

THE HANS INDIA |   Jun 19,2017 , 10:22 AM IST

BJP MLC Somu Veerraju
BJP MLC Somu Veerraju

BJP MLC Somu Veerraju

BJP MLC Somu Veerraju addressed the issue of land scams taking place in Andhra Pradesh.

Alleging that few public representatives of Congress and TDP have been involved in the illegal land grabbing activities, the BJP MLC urged the AP government to order a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, Somu Veerraju alleged that the people involved in the land scam have been turning into noble men and that the ministers, MLAs, and MLCs involved in the scam have become richer in a short span of time. 

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