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 Vijayawada: NIIT University has launched a new course for the academic year 2017-18, said NIIT vice-president Dr Sunil Khanna. Addressing a press conference the Press Club on Sunday,  he said that an M Sc course in Computer Science for Biology students was launched. 

He said that the new course was designed for the students who have opted for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class XII. 
He said that the programme was designed to provide an overview of computing, understanding the concepts, principles and skills in the application and extension, and would have practical experience in applied computing. 

He further stated that the programme would have several elective courses on bioinformatics which plays an important role in collecting and linking DNA information to solve many medical complications, he added. He said that admissions into M Sc (Computer Science) programmes will be based on Class X and XII marks and interacting with the students through personal counselling. Hundred per cent scholarships on fee would be offered for merit students, he added.  

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