Mangalsutra rumour creates panic in Karnataka, AP

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 06,2017 , 12:18 PM IST


A rumour has led to chaos around Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The rumour that no one knows where it originated from - coral beads in the mangalsutra worn by women would bring misfortune to their husbands, has led to many women getting convinced it was true.

In a matter of two days, the rumour got so strong that women across six districts in Karnataka and a few border districts of Andhra Pradesh began smashing the coral with stones to ward away the misfortune.

They believed that this was to protect their husbands. Local television channels showcased visuals of women smashing the coral and the hysteria of the rumour spread across the state.

It caused so much panic that Karnataka government's women and child development department issued a public appeal requesting women not to be misled by these rumours. Also, the deputy commissioners in the districts were directed to cut down the rumours and create awareness among the public.

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