AP Speaker courts controversy over his participation in TDLP Mock Polling

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 17,2017 , 03:00 PM IST

Kodela Sivaprasad Rao
Kodela Sivaprasad Rao

Kodela Sivaprasad Rao

AP Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad Rao courted controversy on Monday following his participation in the TDLP Mock Polling for the Presidential elections. 

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu gave his vote first as a part of mock polling and was followed by party leaders. However, the AP Speaker's vote became controversial since it is purely party's program and should not be participating in the TDLP polling.

Lashing out the Speaker, YSRCP MLA RK Roja faulted Sivaprasad Rao for behaving like a TDP leader and is violating the rules. 

She further stated that the Speaker is losing dignity of speaker post as also participated in party programs in Sattenapalli and Narasarao Pet.

On the other hand, the YSRCP MLA confirmed that YSRCP voted for NDA presidential candidate, Ramnath Kovind.

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