Question mark on Metro Rail for Vijayawada

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 17,2017 , 11:35 PM IST

Metro Rail system
Metro Rail system

 Amaravati: Minister for Municipal Administration P Narayana conceded indirectly that Metro Rail system is not viable for Vijayawada city. He also said it would take around 25 days to conclude on which mass transit system is feasible for Vijayawada city as a German consultancy would submit its study report to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu within 15 days.


  • Minister Narayana says 80,000 passengers per hour must travel on heavy metro rail to run it profitably   
  • However, only 6,400 passengers travel per hour in Vijayawada city 
  • Government may take decision in the next 25 days after German consultancy submits report on viable mass transit system
Addressing a press conference at Secretariat on Monday, the Municipal Minister said he along with a delegation visited China and Malaysia to study various mass transport systems such as electrical, mono, magnetic, light metro and heavy metro rails and submit a report to Chief Minister a few days ago summing up observations.

He said that though some experts suggested light metro (LRT) was suitable to Vijayawada city, clarity is needed on several issues. “Around 40,000 passengers per an hour have to travel on light metro while it is 80,000 passengers per hour for heavy metro rail to run the both transport systems profitable. But, only 6,400 passengers travel per hour in Vijayawada city” he observed. He also said it would take 50-70 years for 40,000 passengers per hour to travel in Vijayawada.

The Minister said the investment cost may be reduced by 15 per cent for light metro comparing it with heavy metro and the maintenance expenditure would also be lower by 20 per cent than heavy metro. “It will cost Rs 4,940 to built 25 km of light metro corridor while it will be Rs 6,500 crore for heavy metro corridor for same distance. 

Besides, 200-220 passengers can travel in two compartment of light metro and it is between 250-300 in three compartments of heavy metro rail” he explained.

“There are 418 light metro trains across the world while the heavy metro trains are only 287 in Europe. Both the transit systems have been under government managements” he explained. Narayana also said that the government was considering the option of running circuit trains linking Vijayawada, Guntur and Mangalagiri areas. AMRC managing director Ramakrishna Reddy was also present.

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