Kodumur in the grip of water crisis

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 18,2017 , 02:57 AM IST

Villagers collecting water from a tanker in Kodumur,(Right) A front view of Gajuladinne project
Villagers collecting water from a tanker in Kodumur,(Right) A front view of Gajuladinne project

Kurnool: Even in the middle of rainy season, residents of Kodumur, 30 km away from here, are seen fighting with each other to get a pitcherful of water supplied through water tankers. While the north coastal Andhra Pradesh experiences bountiful rainfall, the coastal AP receives scattered rainfall, but the Rayalaseema region received almost no rainfall.


  • Village is just 8 km away from Gajuladinne project   
  • Proposals sent to higher officials for construction of permanent storage tank at a cost of Rs 192 crore, says RWS EE
 Drought seems to be a perennial feature of Kodumur village. Drinking water schemes from Tungabhadra, Gajuladinne project and Handri-Neeva project are supposed to quench the thirst of the Kodumur residents. 

In fact, Gajuladinne project is just 8 km away from the village. On account of official apathy and lack of coordination among various elected people’s representatives, people of the village are reeling under acute drinking water crisis. 

The officials, who fail to quench the thirst of Kodumur residents under the nose of the Gajuladinne are drawing up plans to quench the thirst of people living in faraway places like Kurnool, Pattikonda and Dhone forcing the Kodumur residents to agitate. The people of Kodumur said they never encountered such a situation and sought to know the officials and bureaucrats have been doing all these years. 

Village sarpanch CB Lata said that when the villagers staged protest under hot sun the terrified officials released water from the project only once. She attributed it to she represents the Congress party and hence the discrimination. When The Hans India contacted Rural Water Supply (RWS) executive engineer Mallikarjuna for clarification, he said proposals have been sent to higher officials and a permanent summer storage tank would be constructed at a cost of Rs 192 crore soon. Till then, the people have to endure the problem. 

Kurnool MP Butta Renuka responded severely on the issue and said that she had already contacted Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Minister Nara Lokesh, who had visited the district recently and urged them to take steps to solve the problem. 

 Residents of the village have been resorting to agitational methods like staging dharnas on roads obstructing vehicular traffic, staging protests in front of government offices and entering into wordy duels with government officials for every two days to get their problem resolved. In spite of their demonstrations, there was no official response to their problem.

 They feel that the current situation would not have been precipitated at all had they taken some precautionary measures earlier. It was high-time the officials responded positively to resolve drinking water problem of Kodumur residents.

By D Harikishan

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