Locked House Monitoring System a blessing in disguise

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 11:47 PM IST

LHMS camera
LHMS camera

Vijayawada: Locked house thefts may become a thing of the past, thanks to the Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS) introduced by the city police.

Earlier, if any house owner wanted to go on a vacation or function at some other place he/she was supposed to inform police by approaching them personally. The police on night vigil had a look at the house. It was an old story.


  • Good response to LHMS   
  • Download LHMS app
  • Get registered from home
  • Obtain username
  • Provide details of outdoor stay
  • No need to go to police station
  • It will cost nothing for house owner
Now, things have changed with successful launching of LHMS. Under LHMS house owners need not approach the police personally. The police approach them when they just hooked to an app specially designed to prevent thefts of locked houses.
In fact, the system has been a success in Anantapur where the police practised it on a pilot basis. Going by its success, the government planning to launch it everywhere in the state. That was how the LHMS entered the city.

The city police, who launched the app, have been claiming that it is a panacea for house breakings. When asked about the response to the system, Joint Commissioner of Police Ramana Kumar told The Hans India that about 20 requests for LHMS have been received by them so far.

Under the LHMS, secret cameras will be placed inside the house whose owner made a request for house monitoring for a specific period. If the owner and family members will be away from the city for two days, the police install the camera and keep tabs for the same period.

The camera takes picture of thieves, who enter the house in the absence of owner, and send it to phone of house-owner as well as to the police though the modem. Within minutes of receiving the picture, the police will swing into action and arrest the intruders.

The city police introduced the system in North and East divisions with 100 cameras at hand. Slowly, the LHMS would be introduced in other divisions.

Under the LHMS system, the residents should download the app named LHMS and register their details such as name, phone number and location, along with the number of days they preferred to leave the city.

The residents have to register themselves from their house only so that the cops can identify the location. There is no need to talk with the police and the registration finishes within minutes on mobile phone. It provides a username also for each registration.

Within 24 hours of the request, the police approach the house and fix a camera. The camera, which is connected to app, clicks any intruder in the absence of owner of the locked house. The service is free of cost. Anybody can avail the facility by downloading the app.

By Noor Shaik

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