Halt sought for major trains at Vedayapalem railway station

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 01:23 AM IST

A front view of Vedayapalem railway station in Nellore
A front view of Vedayapalem railway station in Nellore

Nellore: Vedayapalem area, which was once aloof and thinly populated, now an extended area of the city with huge populace, is still facing awful difficulty to catch a train. They need to travel at least 7 km for reaching the main railway station located on southern part of the city to board an important train.


  • Even though, it serves needs of people of northern parts of city but it has stops only for Krishna and Simhapuri express trains   
  • Residents have to travel 7 km for catching important trains at the main Railway Station
  • Politicos confined to providing a good building for railway station but failing to focus on train halts
 The reason is railway authorities ignored to upgrade the existing second railway station at Vedayapalem. The politicos have failed to exert pressure on railway higher officials to ensure stoppage for more trains at Vedayapalem. Even though, second railway station at Vedayapalem came into existence some time ago still it is witnessing negligence on the part of the government as only two each express and passenger trains stop here and majority residents in the area still rely on main station for their travel needs.

Nellore is an important railway station located in the district which is now close to many important places such as Krishnapatnam Port, domestic airport being constructed at Dagadarthi, many industrial organisations, thermal plants close to coastal areas, Kissan SEZ, and others that basically rely on the main railway station at Atmakur Bus Stand.

Vedayapalem station, which was once a passenger station along with Nellore South station, but has been gradually developed as second main railway station for people, who live in northern parts of the city. The BJP government which came to power in 2004 allocated some funds for a concrete building and other facilities.

 Venkaiah Naidu, who was then national BJP President, had tried to get some funds for the station for its renovation. Subsequently, no focus has been laid on the station and now only Krishna and Simhapuri express trains stop here along with routine passenger and MEMU trains. Even though, people have been demanding to stop important trains such as Pinakini, Chennai express, Charminar express, etc for convenience of the people, who settled in these areas. During midnight, people have to travel for 7-10 km from the main railway station bearing brunt of huge fares of autos and cabs. 

Residents, who are residing at Kallurupalli, Bujabuja Nellore, Talpagiri Colony, Podalakur road, Kothur, Ambapuram, Kanuparthipadu, Sundaraiah Colony and Ayyappa temple are facing difficulties. Earlier, there was not even reservation facility at the railway station and now it has been improved with revised timings from 8 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 8 pm. 

Otherwise, people from these areas have to book their tickets at the main station. “Even small railway stations such as Bitragunta and Naidupet have stops. Why extended area of Nellore city cannot have the facility? Politicos have no will on resolving worries of people of these areas. We tell them when they ask us for votes in the coming elections,” said V Rajagopal from Talpagiri Colony.

By P V Prasad

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