Police apathy in tracing missing twins alleged

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 02:00 AM IST

Police apathy in tracing missing twins alleged
Police apathy in tracing missing twins alleged

Kurnool: The cute 12-year-old twin brothers, who were reported missing since Sunday afternoon, still remained untraced even more than 72 hours after their mysterious disappearance. The delay in tracing the twins is attributed to apathetic attitude of the police. 

Though a missing children complaint has been lodged with the city police on Sunday evening, the police apparently did not show mercy on the parents and are understood to have behaved discourteously with the parents. The needle of suspicion, however, points at Sandeep, worker of the tiffin center, which is run by the father of the twins, Prakash and Murali. They looked everywhere for the twins with the help of the relatives.

 The parents referred the matter to the District Collector intimating him that the clothes of the twins were found on the banks of the K-C Canal. 

The water flow in the canal has been reduced and searched for the twins, but in vain. The couple has doubts whether the children are still alive? Or were they subjected to kidnap? They are weeping inconsolably for their dear ones and are at a loss to comprehend as to how to go about searching for the children in the context of ‘non-cooperation’ from the police. 

Even, strangers are feeling so sorry for the fate of the parents. How could the police remain insensitive to the sufferings of the parents? Will khakhi top brass come to the rescue of the hapless parents?

By Harikishan

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