Students made to stand near washrooms

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 04:43 AM IST

Students made to stand near washrooms
Students made to stand near washrooms

 Akiveedu: A private school punished a few students by making them stand near washroom for not paying school fee in time. Though the incident happened on Monday, parents came to know about it on Wednesday. They staged a protest at the school.

Students -- Naga Prasanna (second class) Puvvala Naga Megha Sanjani (second class) and Vasa Mahita (third class) – were asked by Ravindra Bharathi School to stand near washroom for not paying fee. The school administration claimed that the parents were served notice but they did not respond. The students were not even allowed to write the monthly exams in progress.

Denying the washroom incident, the school representative briefed parents: “We have served notice to the parents for not paying the fee of the children. That is the only development took place in the school. Nothing other than this has occurred.”
It is learnt that a parent Puvvgala Nagaraju has to pay Rs 25,000  and the remaining two parents Dunnala Srinivas and Vasa Prasad have to pay Rs 10,000 each as fee. 

However, Puvvala Nagaraju said that he was in Hyderabad on personal work and could not come immediately to Akiveedu for payment of fee. But, the management has punished my daughter by asking her to stand at the washroom. “Is it correct on the part of the school to punish a girlchild,” he asked. 

He said that he already informed the management that he would pay the fee after his return. The other two parents Dunnala Srinivas and Vasa Prasad also said the same that they are willing to pay the school fee of the children. However, the management has punished their children which is a humiliating incident, they said.

The parents said, “when we went to the school to discuss about the fee, they asked us to go out of the school.” Meanwhile, Higher Education Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao asked the District Educational Officials to cancel the recognition of the school as it is a humiliating incident. On Wednesday, the Deputy Educational Officer Madduri Surya Narayana has visited the school and conducted an inquiry with the management representatives and the parents. He told media that he will submit a report to the higher officials on the incident.

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