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THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 01:16 AM IST

(Right) Artists performing a scene from Telugu drama ‘Padma Vyuham’ written by Telugu actor L B Sriram. 
(Left) A scene from Tamil drama ‘Oru Oorla’
(Right) Artists performing a scene from Telugu drama ‘Padma Vyuham’ written by Telugu actor L B Sriram. (Left) A scene from Tamil drama ‘Oru Oorla’

Tirupati: A retired employee Seetharamaiah, who was attending the ongoing multilingual theatre festival in Tirupati everyday described that it was quite interesting to watch dramas. A whole group of artists with great team work presenting a beautiful theme on live before the audience was amazing, he said.


  • The six-day ongoing multilingual theatre festival will conclude on Thursday   
  •  Dramas performed by artists of Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Amaravati and Hyderabad receive applause
  •   Abhinaya Theatre Trust founded by Sreenivas is organising theatre festival  
 Unlike movies, drama is more connecting to the people with its spontaneity, talent and expression. There were many drama lovers like Seetharamaiah, who were making the festival a grand success with their presence and encouragement to the artists.

Abhinaya Theatre Trust founded by Sreenivas has been doing yeomen service in spreading theatre art and keeping its traditions alive while organising national-level theatre festivals. Till now, under the Abhinaya banner, the organisers have been instrumental in staging about 300 dramas since 2006, across 10 different languages.

 Conducting several drama festivals became the regular activity of the trust, so far, 41 events, out of which 20 multilingual fests were organised. Since 2011, Abhinaya Trust has organised several events in Tirupati and this year the 7th multilingual festival is underway at Mahati Auditorium. The six-day event which began on September 9th ends on Thursday.

While the most famous form of entertainment is movies there is separate set of people who are fond of dramas, plays, skits and mythological plays. Various dramas performed in the festival were receiving thunderous applause from theatre lovers.

Artists from Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Amaravati and Hyderabad performing their dramas before Tirupati audience. Each programme was a different from others which exhibited the talent of the artists at the pinnacle. The Hindi drama ‘Spook Book’ presented six problems of the society among many others. 

After the six characters in the drama were dead and became ghosts they discussed about the mistakes they did when alive like addicting to the evils of mobile phones, drunken drive, occupying grave yards in the name of the development, self-centered, egoism, and life of goondas. The message was that people should do good than confessing later.

The Tamil drama ‘Oru Oorla’ conveyed the message that the life of children should be made a boon and not a curse. It presented the pressures faced by children from their parents to read and not allowing them to go for any other activity. The writer tried to convey that children should be allowed to grow as children and let them enjoy the beauty of life. 

Similarly, artists form Bengaluru played ‘Bootu Bandookugala Naduve’ which was about freedom fighters. It concluded with the message that an old woman character appealing to youth not to drop the fight for freedom. The Telugu drama ‘Padma Vyuham’ written by well-known Telugu movie actor LB Sriram, was heart touching which took the audience into the life of an ordinary citizen’s woes. Speaking to The Hans India, Abhinaya Sreenivas, said his trust was collaborating with all the associations and organisations relating to drama in the country

His goal is to establish a repertoire at Guntur in two acres of land. Thus, in future theatre festivals will be organised at various places in the country under his own repertoire.

By V Pradeep Kumar

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