Heavy rains damage kharif crop

THE HANS INDIA |   Oct 13,2017 , 01:34 AM IST


Visakhapatnam: The incessant rains during the past one-week have damaged the kharif crops, particularly paddy, at various places in the north coastal region. The paddy crop has already come to yield but the heavy rains dampened the farmers’ big hopes damaging the crops.

As the southwest monsoon rains got delayed, the kharif works in the region started at the end of July. Initially, the farmers left hopes on the khariff season. However, during in the rains in August, the farmers started kharif cultivation on an extent of one lakh hectares across the district.

The MTU-1001 variety which will come early harvesting, the farmers are habituated with the seed and cultivating the same paddy variety in lion share of one lakh hectares. During the spells of rains which occurred in August and September, the farmers expressing their happiness engaged in the cultivation of paddy and other kharif works.

The MTU-1001 will come for harvesting stage in less than 130 days and the yielding also well in tonnage. As a result, farmers started cultivating  MTU-1001 variety.  Though, the rains were disappointing in June and July, the farmers kick-started the paddy cultivation actively and the crop is now farming of the outer layer of the seed. If, water stagnated in the crops, the saplings will be damaged and the yielding will be very less.

“Yes, we have information on the issue. But, there is no such bad situation across the district. If, the water stagnated under the crops, the farmers cut the boundaries to release the waters. However, our teams already swung into action to look at the ground level information. Meanwhile, we have observed that the paddy crop was infected by some diseases.

The officials and scientists visit the fields and help the farmers by suggesting the necessary usages of the pesticides. Normally, 2 cm of water should be needed for the paddy crop. If, more than 2 cm of water gets stagnated, the farmers would release by cutting the boundaries,” Joint Director of Agriculture P Shiva Prasad said, while speaking to The Hans India here on Wednesday. 

By VKL Gayatri

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