Bhimeswara musical troupe continuing Vaishnava legacy

THE HANS INDIA |   Jan 04,2018 , 02:16 AM IST

Bhimeswara Bhajana Brundam rendering spiritual songs as part of Melukolupu at DCCB Colony in Srikakulam
Bhimeswara Bhajana Brundam rendering spiritual songs as part of Melukolupu at DCCB Colony in Srikakulam

Srikakulam: ‘Melukolupu’, a prayer chanted by the devotees praising Lord Vishnu and urging Him to wake up for the wellbeing of the people in the world. This tradition would be observed for one month in ‘Dhanurmasam’ every year according to Telugu calendar. ‘Bhimeswara Bhajana Brundam’ of Konna Veedhi in Srikakulam city has been continuing this tradition for the past two decades. 

Dhanurmasam is the last month of Daskhinayanam (during which period sun is moving from southern side) and it is favourable month of Lord Vishnumurthi. Devotees, who are following Vaishnava tradition, will observe Melukolupu every day. The team of members wake up at 4 am and take after taking a bath, they will offer prayers and worship in their houses by lighting lamp. 

Later, they reach the temple where they offer prayers by chanting Vedic hymns and spiritual songs. After 5 am, they start chanting of Harinama Sankeerthanams on the streets with the help of musical instruments till 7 am and cover 4 km to 5 km on foot. 

“Offering prayers early in the morning and singing keerthans while walking leads to good health,  energy and mental stability,” a priest at Gudiveedhi in Srikakulam A Sriramamurthy told The Hans India. 

Earlier, Dasa Appa Rao started this tradition at Konna Street in Srikakulam. Later, it was continued by his followers Barakala Srinivasa Rao and Tulasi Das. After the death of the trio, “We have been continuing the tradition,” said Balaga Sivaprasad Deo, Balaga Manmadha Rao, Bammidi Rambabu, Gara Suryanarayana of Bhimeswara Bhajana Brundam to this newspaper. 

“We are collecting rice, cash and clothes from donors and distribute them to the poor and conduct free meal (annadanam) camp every year to the poor,” said Bhajana Brundam members Chongala Ganes, Laveti Syamsundar, Ganta Rambabu and Balakrishna Panigrahi. Mallesh, Suryanarayana and Koteswara Rao will accompany the bhajan groups.

By Chowdari Lakshmana Rao

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