Illegal registration of govt lands alleged
Illegal registration of govt lands alleged

Anantapur: Government lands worth several crores of rupees has become the target for vested interests and private realtors due to the lethargic attitude of the Revenue department and the dubious role being played by the Stamps and Registration department in general and the Sub-Registrar Offices (SROs) in the district.

The SROs have been deliberately registering government lands in favour of private realtors despite the rules that government lands should not be registered in favour of private parties. Scores of acres of government lands in Itukalapalle, Kandukuru, Bukkacherla, Kodimi, Rachanapalle, Narayanapuram and B K Samudram stand illegally occupied and registered in favour of private parties.

These lands are on the outskirts of the city and have high real estate value. For instance, one acre of land costs Rs 2 crore in Kakkalapalle village. The costs of housing plots are on par with the value in the city limits. In some cases, political leaders are directly involved, and they form a nexus with realtors, SROs and Revenue department. 

In different locations in rural areas, an estimated 200 acres of government lands had been registered by regional SROs in the district. In many cases, agriculture passbooks were issued to the beneficiaries without verifying the nature of lands registered. Also, another 250 acres of government lands stand registered in Garladinne mandal, Raptadu, Somuladoddi and in Kakkalapalle mandals.

When the government is not in a position to give land to the landless and homeless in the district, it is turning a blind eye to the land sharks. District Collector Veera Pandian, when contacted, has said to The Hans India that the reports will be verified and if found to be true action will be initiated by the government and all transactions by vested interests nullified.

By Ravi P Benjamin