Continue protests, says Chalasani
Continue protests, says Chalasani

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Pratyeka Hoda Sadhana Samiti appealed to all the parties to continue their fight for protecting interests of the state until the it gets due justice. Speaking to the media here on Friday, Samiti president Chalasani Srinivas asked the government to join hands with all the parties to fight for the cause.

He also called upon the political parties to stage demonstrations across the state on March 5 in view of Assembly session to mount pressure on the government. He congratulated the state MPs for raising their voice in Parliament against the Centre to protect the state’s interests. He said the MPs should have raised the issues of state with same voice in the past.

Stating that there was no need for MPs to resign from their posts, Srinivas said how they could go to people seeking votes in the name of sacrifice when the special category status issue was got delayed. 

He welcomed the Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan for taking initiation to form Joint Action Committee for protecting interests of the state. He also thanked the people for voluntarily taking part in the bandh. CPI city secretary Donepudi Shankar and other leaders were also present.

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