Divisional Railway Manager Mukul Saran Mathur flagging off 300th loco in Visakhapatnam on Friday
Divisional Railway Manager Mukul Saran Mathur flagging off 300th loco in Visakhapatnam on Friday

Visakhapatnam: Diesel Loco Shed of Visakhapatnam reached another mile stone by flagging 300th loco by Divisional Railway Manager Mukul Saran Mathur here on Friday.  The Diesel Loco Shed (DLS) is the largest loco holding loco shed in Indian Railways with different type and class of locomotives. 

The shed is continuously providing 9.48 per cent more loco than the Railway Board’s target in freight service and maintaining first position among all the loco sheds of Indian Railways. 

Simultaneously, (Freight and coaching service) the shed is providing about eight per cent above the target outage which is also the best among all the sheds of Indian Railways and maintaining first position.

The Diesel Loco Shed is having 54 locomotives running in coaching link, including one set of prestigious Rajdhani Express, which would be introduced from February 10.

DRM Waltair received IMS certification (ISO: 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, ISO: 14001:2015 for Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS: 18001:2007 for Occupational, Health and Safety Management Systems  on January 25. Now DLS/VSKP is one of the proud IMS certified shed in Indian Railways.

The DLS is having 203 locos equipped with remote monitoring system. Performance of those locos can be monitored directly from DLS control room on real time data basis. Provision of REMMLOT is helpful for preventive as well as predictive maintenance of locomotives, thereby reduces the failure and increases the reliability of locomotives. All new Locos which are coming to shed have this new feature.

Diesel Locos are now equipped with APUs which enables the loco for optimum utilisation of fuel two litres per hour by auto shutting down of main engine if idling for above 10 minutes.

The APU system conserves fuel, reduces lube oil consumption, reduces engine wear and tear, and lowers emissions and sound pollutions by unwanted engine idling in station or yards, at present 58 Locos of DLS are fitted with APUs and all new locos which are coming to shed has this new feature.

The new locos are equipped with DPCS which enables to long haul the train without formation of multiple unit. It not only saves additional crew but also to clear load at a single operation.