Collector hands over Global Positioning System-fitted bike

THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 14,2018 , 02:58 AM IST

District Collector Pradyumna handing over the keys of a bike-fitted with GPS to the buyer in Tirupati on Tuesday. DTC Prathap, RTO Vivekananda Reddy and Showroom MD Venkataramana are also seen
District Collector Pradyumna handing over the keys of a bike-fitted with GPS to the buyer in Tirupati on Tuesday. DTC Prathap, RTO Vivekananda Reddy and Showroom MD Venkataramana are also seen

Tirupati: District Collector PS Pradyumna has launched a new initiative for reducing the road accidents, in which 70 per cent two-wheeler riders were involved, by introducing Global Positioning System (GPS) instrument fitted to the vehicles.

Though the concept of fitting GPS instrument to the vehicles was not new, equipping two-wheelers with that was initiated first time in the state in Tirupati. At a function organised at Vijaya Bharathi TVS show room here on Tuesday, the Collector has delivered the first motorcycle fitted with GPS to a customer. 

The GPS device receives satellite signals and traces data like location, speed, travel history and driving patterns. As most of the students are using high-end and high-speed vehicles, it became very difficult to control them.

The vehicles pick up speed within seconds and the youth forget about everything but finding thrill in riding their vehicles creating panic among others. As they are unable to control the speed suddenly, the youth were often meeting with accidents. Statistics reveal that bike accidents were more in urban areas compared to rural areas.

Road Transport Officer (RTO) G Vivekananda Reddy told The Hans India that by using a GPS fitted vehicle, the parents can easily monitor their wards movements and warn them from time-to-time. “Pradyumna wants to control the speed driving among youth, who have bright future and thought of fitting GPS equipment to the high-speed two-wheelers.

As of now, it was not mandatory to have GPS for the bike though it was good for the people,” the RTO maintained. Parents, who were spending more than Rs 1 lakh to purchase a two-wheeler, should keep in mind the importance of GPS and by paying an additional Rs 3,200, they can fix it for their vehicle by which their boy will be safe. 

With this, they can ascertain whether their boy went to college or somewhere and could be stress free even if they are late than the scheduled time of reaching home as their movements can be monitored with the App, said the RTO. 

Another advantage will be that in case of theft of a vehicle, it can be easily traced with the help of GPS. Even if the instrument is removed or disconnected or tampered that also can be known. If it is disconnected to the battery also, it works for four hours and during that time, one can find out what happened, the RTO explained. All the vehicle dealers are asked to motivate the buyers to equip the GPS hereafter, he said.

Before delivering the first GPS fitted vehicle, Collector Pradyumna said that, the main idea was to reduce road accidents. For this they were implementing many rules and going ahead with the slogan “No helmet no fuel”. 

However, it was not being implemented satisfactorily though the usage of helmets has gone up. At the time of selling a vehicle itself, if GPS is fixed in it, one can have a constant check and control, he said. Vijaya Bharathi TVS management has come forward to start this initiative which will be very useful for all.

Youth should take care while riding for their sake and for their family members. He said that GPS was being fixed to school buses also and expressed hope that in future GPS may become mandatory. District Transport Commissioner Ch Prathap, Additional SP MVS Swamy, Vijaya Bharathi TVS company MD Venkataramana and RTO G Vivenkananda Reddy participated.

By V Pradeep Kumar

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