Sleep right, stay healthy
Sleep right, stay healthy

It is well known that good health and sleep go hand in hand, but how? Sleep is as much an essential nutrient for our wellbeing as food, air or water. The quantity and quality of sleep affect our physical, mental and emotional states of wellbeing as well.

Why is good sleep so important?
There are several reasons. Good sleep can improve your concentration and productivity. It boosts your immune system. Certain hormones that regulate body functions are triggered only during sleep and at night. 

For instance, the hormone for appetite control. A good deep sleep gives the brain rest and extra blood flows to the muscles. This allows them to repair and build energy for the next day. A good sleep also regulates emotions and allows you to enjoy better mood when awake, thus reducing risks of depression.

Commenting on quality sleep, Dr. Mohammed Azhar Kotwal, General Physician, DocOnline said, “I frequently come across people who complain of stress in life coupled with lack of sleep! It is important that an adult gets an average sleep of at least 7 to 9 hours each day. It is not just the number of hours but also the quality of sleep that matters. And sound sleep results into a rejuvenated day.”

Quality sleep is determined by various factors, like:
Maintain a sleep routine: Ensure a regular time to hit the bed and wake up. This helps in better and faster metabolism, proper sleep and the effective functioning of your body and mind. The body has an internal clock, which naturally responds to light and thus, regulates wakefulness and sleepiness in the body over a 24-hour period. So, it’s best to tune your body clock with the natural day and night cycle.

Create a sleep friendly environment: Ensure cool temperatures, eliminate noise distractions by listening to soothing sounds. These help to induce good sleep.

Commenting on use of quality mattresses for sleep, Uttam Malani, executive director, Centuary Mattresses said, “It is important that the mattresses we use must be free from allergens such as mites, bed bugs, microbes etc. Since the hygiene level of the mattress is also very important in facilitating good sleep, usage of mattresses made of advanced materials such as natural fiber, Green Gel foam, Profiled foam, natural latex etc form breathable layers in a mattress and help in regulating the micro climate of the mattress thereby rendering a cool and comfortable sleep environment.”

Light dinner: At night, the body metabolism is slow. As a result, light dinner and less of water intake will help to avoid frequent urination that can affect your sleep.

Disconnect from all electronic device : Switch off your mobile phones and electronic devices.
Thus, sleep right to lead a healthy life!