5 ways to deal with depression
5 ways to deal with depression

In today’s fast paced life, we are inundated with work on the professional and personal fronts, leaving us little time and space to ourselves. Given the complications of modern lifestyle, it is not surprising to find so many people down in the doldrums.

Identification: Identify the stress triggers. Self-awareness and corrective action can help prevent you from getting sucked into depression

Set achievable goals: Not being able to achieve targets can make you feel miserable. So, set small goals like organizing the cupboard to start with.

Exercise: Proper exercise leads to good blood circulation throughout the body and to the brain especially where it is adequately needed.

Eat healthy: Do watch what you eat. Depression can make you overeat or stay away from food. Do ensure that the body gets fed well to function properly.

Getting sufficient sleep: Establish regular sleeping patterns that will transform into habits. Be sure to switch off electronic gadgets. Read a book while going to sleep and have a warm glass of milk if required.

Depending on the intensity of depression, it can be minor or major, requiring serious medical intervention. By observing the above 5 shooters, you can smartly combat the blues and lead a healthy life!

By: Dr Sindhura Akkala, General Physician, DocOnline