Let’s get a fast glam to your eye lashes

By Suhasini Reddy | THE HANS INDIA |   May 11,2018 , 02:39 PM IST

Let’s get a fast glam to your eye lashes
Did you ever know that the hair type on your head holds the key....

If Your Hair Is Curly And Unruly...

Your lashes may transfer mascara onto your lids

You have to spend time separating this lash type, and a transfer resistant type formula is key. To make detangle easier, gently press against your lid with your finger to fully expose the roots. Then, as you’re applying, concentrate your mascara on the first two thirds of lashes to prevent tip to kid transfer.

If Your Hair Is Straight And Thick...

Your lashes may struggle to hold a curl

Lashes curlers are like curling irons. If the latter doesn’t work for the hair on your head, then the former won’t hold a lash curl either. Ditch the tools, and instead angle the base so the lash doesn’t  straighten out . Press  a curling mascara into the roots, bending the lashes upward. Hold it there for a few seconds then comb through the tips.

If Your Hair Is Thin & Lanky...

 Your lashes may fall flat throughout the day 

Look to volumisers to fix your lax hair and fringe. For eyes, that means a thickening mascara with a small, flexible rubber brush. It coats hairs evenly and with fewer clumps than a big brushy one. 

Press the wand onto the tops of lashes and as you would with a round brush during a blowout, rotate the wand as you pull through for mega volume