Hyderabad: CII’s Indian Women Network (IWN) organised a half day workshop on ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR WOMEN-THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED’. This workshop was organised in collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence, Hyderabad.
IWN believes that for women, their career choices are influenced by family considerations, prejudices and self-imposed limitations due to societal considerations. Consequently, they often tend to favour safer and more immediately lucrative career options, even at the cost of overlooking their ‘inner callings’, only because those may be lesser-trodden paths.
The workshop was focussed on women who are aspiring entrepreneurs eager to channelize their ideas into full-fledged Business plans.
The workshop was led by Mr. Rakesh Bhatia, Investor, Mentor and Advisor who started the worksop with his extremely steering address on entrepreneurship- the road less travelled. He spoke about the important principles and requisites one must possess to have the entrepreneurial spirit in oneself. Also Ms. Nandita Sethi, Founder and CEO, The Entrepreneur Zone, led a brilliant section on ‘How to make a Business Plan’.
The workshop was attended by a wide cross section of participants from junior, middle and senior management of corporate organisations of Hyderabad and also some popular colleges and universities. The participants feedback on the proceedings was well appreciated and stated that the hands-on learning that they had was very useful. Also this workshop provided a very meaningful networking opportunity between women professionals from various organisations.