Chiranjeevi's Khadi No.150 remuneration and Charan's share details revealed

By Gossip Girl | THE HANS INDIA |   Feb 09,2017 , 05:38 PM IST


Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Khadi No.150 is grabbing the headlines ever since the movie officially announced. Since few days, Many online portals were updating about Khadi No.150 box office collections. Lately, Speculations are rife that Chiranjeevi didn't charge any amount as remuneration for Khadi No.150 instead of that he made a deal to give 60 percent profits of his movie.

Sources reveal that Chiranjeevi's Khadi No.150 has made with the budget of Rs.50 Crore but the movie had fetched Rs.100 Crore with pre-release business. Khadi No.150 second week collections were Rs.100 Cr. We don't know exact figure how much the makers of have earned from the movie. But Chiranjeevi and Charan share has been doing the rounds in Tollywood.

Chiranjeevi will get a share of Rs.33 Crore and Ram Charan would like to get a whopping amount of Rs 22 Crore as per the sources. Chiranjeevi remuneration for Khadi No.150 and Charan's share in the movie has become a talk of the town.



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