Playing a pregnant woman was an amazing experience

By Sashidhar Adivi | THE HANS INDIA |   Mar 21,2017 , 03:28 AM IST

Dhanya Balakrishna
Dhanya Balakrishna

A day after the teaser of web series ‘Pilla’ (directed by Pavan Sadineni) has been unveiled; Dhanya Balakrishna’s mobile has been ringing incessantly with congratulatory messages. The actress is thrilled with the response she’s been getting.

But what really made her say yes to the thriller? “I was excited with the plot line and my role, it gave me an opportunity to do something different. Moreover, social media has become a huge platform that everything is being monitored and goes viral quickly.”

Taking up the role of an expectant mother is a new experience, feels the ‘Savithri’ actress. “Sporting baby bumps was challenging initially because I need to correct myself a bit, change my body language and the way I walk, etc.

I had to wear a pregnancy pillow, so I couldn’t sit properly and my back used to ache a lot. I wondered how woman carry the baby bump for nine months (smiles). But after portraying the role, I started loving my mother and woman more.”

The web series, which has been shot in and around Hyderabad, is about the quest of a woman who goes in search of a guy. It will be aired in 10 episodes (15 minutes each) on the makers web channel.