Please don’t hold Baahubali accountable

THE HANS INDIA |   Apr 21,2017 , 12:20 AM IST

S S Rajamouli
S S Rajamouli

Following the controversy over the release of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ in Karnataka, director S S Rajamouli has appealed to the people of Karnataka in a video message in which he spoke the Kannada language. Rajamouli said that his film should not be held accountable for the comments made by actor Sathyaraj nine years ago on the Cauvery issue.

Thanking the people of Karnataka for their tremendous support to the first part, Rajamouli said Sathyaraj was neither the producer, nor the director of the film. If Baahubali 2 is halted, Sathyaraj will not stand to lose anything but the hard work of the entire unit over the last five years would come to nought, said Rajamouli.

He requested the people not to direct their anger against Sathyaraj on ‘Baahubali 2’ and pave the way for a smooth release of the film in Karnataka. Stating that people shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to watch the film because of Sathyaraj’s comments, he said that he had already discussed the situation with Sathyaraj. “I don't have the authority or the energy to talk more on this issue. I request that our film doesn't get dragged into this controversy," he said.

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