Raasi dons an author-backed role

THE HANS INDIA |   Apr 21,2017 , 12:09 AM IST


Actress Raasi who was seen in blockbusters like ‘Gokulamlo Seetha’ and “Suprabatam” is returning as a middle-aged woman suffering with a psychological disorder in her next release ‘Lanka’. Describing the film as a sci-fi thriller, she says “Its most complex role I have ever portrayed in my career. I play a lonely woman who suffers from ESP and a starlet enters my home and our relationship takes a new turn,” she adds.   

Justifying the title of the film, she says, “In the media, we read a lot about atrocities perpetrated on women and how a woman succeeds in his mission in ‘Lanka’-like society,” she points out. On doing more of character roles these days, “I have no such qualms and also it’s an exciting script and an author-backed role and gives me lot of scope to showcase my histrionic skills. 

With similar zeal, she doesn’t rule out entering small screen, if she gets an exciting offer. “Why not? Even though, I do not have much knowledge about realty shows but given the opportunity I would give it a shot,  she concludes. 

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