Ravi Teja appears in front of media after brother Bharath's demise

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 05,2017 , 03:26 PM IST

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File Paper

Ravi Teja's brother Bharath has passed away in a road accident in the city outskirts of Hyderabad on June 24th. The family was in a deep shock about Bharat's demise and they have skipped last rites due to various reasons

This is the first time Ravi Teja has appeared in front of Media after Bharath's demise. He lashed at media for circulating fake rumors about them. He requested the media to publish anything after finding whether it is true or not. 

Raviteja: 'Just because we couldn't see his disfigured Face, We had given a miss to the funeral & didn't bring the mortal remains to our house. I just want the last image of Bharath I had to stay in my mind forever. That's why my brother Raghu & Uncle took care of funeral. Nobody knows what we have been going through at that time. Please react upon giving it a thought...That's my humble request to all of you. Though everyone is aware of our bonding, People began speculating as per their wish. I'm not blaming everyone but few...It's not the right thing to do..Please, Stop such things from at least now!'.

On junior Artists performing Last Rites: 'My Uncle who performed the Last Rites had been projected as Junior Artiste. I knew how much such reports affected the Gentleman who is 80-plus.  It's totally wrong that we offered Rs 1,500 to a Junior Artiste to perform last rites. Where is the necessity for us to do so?'. 

On attending shoot next day after the demise: 'It's never easy to get 25 artistes combination again if shooting gets canceled. You (media) all are aware of it! It's not true that I happily attended the shoot or posed for selfies. Social Media has crossed the line'.

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