George Lucas harsh on autograph seekers

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 17,2017 , 11:15 PM IST

George Lucas
George Lucas

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas lost his cool when an autograph hunter approached him in New York City. The 73-year-old filmmaker refused to give his autograph to the person, saying he doesn't like those people who seek out celebrity signings to sell on websites.

"You know why I do have money and you don't have money?" he asked the autograph seeker. "Because instead of spending my time doing autographs I spent my time making movies..." 

"I'm not going to keep doing that, guys. This is USD 200 a signature so why don't you just go out and get a job." Lucas knows who his true fans are as he added, "These people are here to make money. They're not fans. They don't care. They just want to make money.

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