Ravi Teja's mother refutes allegations on drug scandal

THE HANS INDIA |   Jul 17,2017 , 04:47 PM IST

Ravi Teja and his mother Rajya Lakshmi
Ravi Teja and his mother Rajya Lakshmi

With the drug racket case causing a huge scandal in Telangana, several Tollywood celebrities are being linked to the case.

Among them, actor Ravi Teja is also one who was issued notice from the Telangana Excise and Prohibition in connection with the drugs case as per the media reports.

However, setting things straight, Ravi Teja's mother Rajya Lakshmi on Monday condemned the allegations

Asserting that Ravi Teja is strict about his health and career, she stated that her son doesn't even have the habit of smoking and doesn't encourage smokers even during his shoots.

Maintaining that her second son Bharath Raju, who recently died in car crash in Hyderabad too didn't have any connection to drugs, Rajya Lakshmi clarified that they have not received any notices in this regard faulted media for spreading unnecessary rumours.

On being asked about a media report that stated Ravi Teja's driver Srinivas was also issued notices in the case, she said that her son won't hire such drivers who are addicted to drugs.

Stating that her son wouldn't have achieved the stardom if he was addicted to drugs, she informed that Ravi Teja was in outdoor shooting for the last 15 days.

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