Rupees 13 crore dubbing jackpot for ‘Kanchana 3’?

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 13,2017 , 03:31 AM IST

Raghavea Lawrence (inset) Sridhar  Lagadapati
Raghavea Lawrence (inset) Sridhar Lagadapati

 Leading producer Sridhar  Lagadapati  has reportedly bought the Telugu dubbing rights of ‘Kanchana 3’ for a whopping Rs 13 crore (without satellite rights). Given that, earlier parts of `Kanchana’ had  rocked the box office in Telugu states, Telugu producer didn’t mind paying a bomb. 

“It was sold like a hot cake, just few days, after its announcement, even before other cast and crew were fixed. Although, the price is surely on the higher side, but taking into account the success of  `Kanchana’ franchise , it looks to be a safe bet, provided it draws huge openings,” says a source in Chennai.

 Actor-director Raghava Lawrence has impressed viewers with his performance as youngster who fears ghosts, in this famed horror-comedy and  expanded his market among Telugu viewers. In fact, Sridhar Lagadapati made a dance-centric movie ‘Style’ with Lawrence, a decade ago, and now teaming up with him after a gap. 

Even though, entrepreneur-turned-producer had hits like ‘Evadi Gola Vadidhi’, but also had his share of duds like ‘Viyyalavari Kaiyyalu’ and ‘Sneha Geetham’, hence betting his money on a dubbed movie, to regain his winning habit, it seems.  

By BVS Prakash

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