A man in search of his shadow

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 03:16 AM IST

Anand Ravi
Anand Ravi

Gen X writer-turned-director Anand Ravi is returning with a novel storyline of a youngster who sets out in search of his shadow in his upcoming film ‘Napolean’. “It is true that the story revolves around a young man’s shadow and touches upon larger issues as well,’ says Anand Ravi who is making his debut as an actor too.

 ‘Although, established actors liked the script, but were reluctant to essay the role, so I had to don the grease paint, to prove a point that novelty works with new generation viewers,’ he adds. Made by Acharya Creations and Anand Ravi Concepts. Bhogendra Gupta Mudupalli is producing this engaging entertainer.  “Basically, I am a businessman, if not for Anand Ravi, I wouldn’t have ventured into films,’ adds producer Gupta. 

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