NTR joins league of Rajnikanth, Vikram & Surya

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 03:12 AM IST

NTR joins league of Rajnikanth, Vikram & Surya
NTR joins league of Rajnikanth, Vikram & Surya

By essaying a dark role for the first time in his illustrious career in ‘Jai Lava Kusa,’ reigning star NTR joins the league of Tamil superstars Rajnikanth, Vikram and Surya, to prove that Gen X Telugu star can match with superstars of neighbouring state in portraying a negative role riding on his abundant talent, ahead of his peers who would never dare to do a role with negative shades. 

“Kudos to NTR for taking up such a challenging role since he is playing a negative role in a social drama, unlike Rajnikanth, Surya who turned villains in sci-fi thrillers, while Vikram was seen as a menacing gay in a ‘Inkokkadu’ and got away with it. But for  NTR who attained superstardom and has  a huge fan following, portraying a role with negative shades is truly a daunting task,” says famed writer Gopimohan who scripted ‘Adhurs’ for NTR. “He is a powerhouse of talent. 

Earlier,  his grand father and actor-par-excellence legendary NTR could pull of such roles. Perhaps, Nandamuri scion is carrying that legacy,’ he adds.  As expected, the negative role had become the rallying point around which the film is getting big hype. ‘With mythological character Ravana still alive in the minds of the viewers, writer-director Bobby has  tactfully designed the ‘Jai’ role similar to mythological role, who is invincible, fearless and larger-than-life. 

As NTR has the image to carry it off with ease, it has created lot of curiosity,’ says director Samudra.  “Most Telugu stars would love to don a negative role for a change to showcase their acting chops, but are reluctant, as it could affect their good samaritan image,’ adds Samudra. 

Actually, Rajnikanth was a baddie-turned-hero so he impressed viewers in a negative role in ‘Robot’, while Vikram and Surya couldn’t spin box office magic, despite earning accolades for their dark performances.  “NTR has come up triumphs in various path-braking roles, so he is bound to rock the box office with a mindblowing performance in three different roles” concludes BVSN Prasad.

By BVS Prakash

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