Ravi Teja's Touch Chesi Chudu on hold

THE HANS INDIA |   Sep 14,2017 , 12:04 PM IST

Touch Chesi Chudu
Touch Chesi Chudu

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja started two new films at one go. While the first one is titled as Raja The Great, the other one is titled as Touch Chesi Chudu. Both the films started around the same time but the latest we hear is that Touch Chesi Chudu was put on hold by the actor for a reason. Ravi Teja has now put a break to the movie as he needs to get the look that the role demands.

The buzz from the film nagar is that Ravi Teja needs to sport a clean shaven look for Touch Chesi Chudu and he is very busy with Raja The Great where he will be seen with a beard. As he has to complete Raja The Great first, he kept the other film on hold and then he will come up with a clean shave look.

Touch Chesi Chudu is directed by a new comer Vikram Sirikonda.

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